Key Differences Between Business Report and Academic Report:

Key Differences Between Business Report and Academic Report

A Business report must be targeted at a specific audience. This audience will be different from those who read an academic essay. Researchers and students are the target audience of academic reports. In contrast, business people would not be interested in a statement about a scientific discovery. It is important to understand the audience before starting the writing process.

Less complicated:

A business report differs greatly from an academic report in structure. Instead of following the teacher’s requirements, a business report is based on an individual’s initiative and organisational needs. It should include a clear, concise, and readable introduction, body, conclusion, references, and appendices.

One major difference between the two kinds of reports is the audience. Academic always reports target-academic readers. While students and researchers read other people’s publications, the audience of a business report is much different. Most business people aren’t interested in reading about the latest scientific discovery. It’s, therefore, vital to know your audience.

Easy to understand:

While completing an academic or business report, clearly understanding the format for both documents is essential. The two types of accounts have very different structures. The structure of academic writing follows the teacher’s requirements, while a business report is typically designed on the student’s initiative or the organisation’s needs.


The purpose of an academic report is to impart knowledge and receive a good grade. In contrast, a business report is written to inform the public of company sales or attract new customers. While both types of accounts have the same format, the content of academic essays is more complex than business reports.


A business report differs from an academic report writing in many ways. For one thing, an academic report is written based on a teacher’s specifications, while a business report is written based on the need of an organisation or personal initiative. You will write a business report in a more structured manner. It should include information that can help readers understand the company’s purpose and business.

The audience of a report is an important factor in determining the success of the document. While academic essays usually aim at other researchers and students, a business report is written for a specific audience. It is not likely that a businessperson will be interested in an academic paper about a recent scientific discovery. Therefore, both types of reports should be written to meet the needs of their intended audience.


There are a few differences between the format of a business report and an academic report. A business report is more formal and may have a table of contents. An academic report, on the other hand, might be informal. The report may be presented as a short letter or email in the former case. This may be appropriate for a small company with little staff and no need to write a lengthy document.

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